On being rare


Roll that word around in your mind for a moment. Rare, like a rare cooked steak? Rare, like difficult to get and only available to the lucky few, like a precious diamond?

According to this showScene article Schipperkes are amongst the rarest breeds, based on CKC and KC registrations.

“The Schipperke had 134 individual registrations in Canada over a 3 year period (60 in 2016, 48 in 2017 and 36 in 2018), compared to an even lower number in the UK of only 33 individual registrations in 2018.”

Consider that.

  • Thirty six Schipperke puppies were born and registered in 2018, in Canada.
  • Thirty three Schipperke puppies were born and registered in 2018 in the UK.

Wait a minute now, you might be thinking. Not all Schipperkes are registered with kennel clubs. Think of all the unregistered Schipperkes being bred in backyards and apartments.

I checked Kijiji and my search today produced a lot of puppies for sale In British Columbia.

Many varieties and mixtures of dog breeds are available, every one adorable, sweet and friendly and offered for considerable amounts of money. But no Schipperkes.

My Petfinder search for schipperkes, anywhere in Canada and USA, produced just 22 Schipperkes and most were mixtures. https://www.petfinder.com/dog-breeds/schipperke/

Perhaps there are fewer Schipperkes being produced by the ‘grey markets’ than we think.

One thing is clear. Schipperkes are distinctive, precious and rare.

Rare, like almost extinct.

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