What a difference a day makes…

Part of the day, Ruby has been ensconced in a well appointed ex pen in the middle of our living room during her heat cycle. This affords her a good view of the kitchen, the centre of her universe. If Sami approaches, boyishly charming, she looks right past him (usually at me, the bringer of all good things) and if he hangs around for more than ten seconds, she provides a lip lift, soft growl or harmless air snap just to make things absolutely clear.

This morning, he came bouncing in from outside, play bowed and pranced around the pen. She looked right at him, dropped her ears down against her head and threw a little play bow right back at him.

Ahh, the power of hormones.

So now we’re on serious lockdown.

“Fun at Home” league

The Agility Association of Canada has started an online game for suffering Canadian agility addicts and Ruby and I are having a ton of fun with it. The courses are small…3 jumps and a tunnel on a 40 by 40 grid.

You can choose to buy one or all the courses (6) for all the levels (3). You can also choose to be judged and collect quallies towards titles in the league. The courses are cleverly built and present mind bending challenges for the human part of the team!

Here’s a video of Ruby and I running one of the courses this morning.

Check it out here!

Or here if you don’t do Facebook.

Shouting on the street

Yesterday, very early o’clock, I was standing outside Sidney Animal Hospital, shouting at my veterinarian, Dr. Nigel Bass. Shouting, because we were trying to be heard over the din of two cement trucks, barrels grinding, diesel engines roaring, as we planned Ruby’s next steps, socially distanced on the sidewalk. The Covid 19 pandemic adds a little spicy sauce to everything we do nowadays!

Her first blood draw was taken to test for her progesterone levels. These tests are vitally important to correctly time the insemination procedure. We will need to repeat that test a few times until the hormone levels tell us that she’s at her optimum moment for breeding.

Here’s a nice readable explanation of that. https://wacvet.ca/services/vaginal-cytology/

I’ve just heard back from Dr. Bass about the results. She’s very low still and it’s his opinion that we can wait until Monday to do another blood test. I have monitored Ruby’s heat cycles in the past and they are quite ‘textbook’ in their regularity and characteristics, so I am comfortable with that decision.

I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Bass as my reproduction veterinarian. Not many vets choose this specialty and they are not easy to find. I am doubly fortunate because I have a second reproduction veterinarian, Dr. Sophia Fanous on the mainland. She will be doing the insemination procedure. I am grateful for them both.

Love my solar panels…

Dave Borlace highlighted some current data from IRENA,  International Renewable Energy Agency, tracking the renewable power generation costs from the last decade. The costs continue to drop steadily.

We decided to install solar panels in the summer of 2017 and I’m so grateful we did. They’ve been humming along, quietly producing electricity for us (and our neighbours when we create more than we need) for nearly three years.

A friend asked me a couple of weeks ago, if I needed to do any maintenance on them, and if they had caused me any difficulty in repairs or other maintenance. No. I wouldn’t even notice I had them, except that I love to look at them.

Thanks to Viridian Energy Cooperative, for their excellent guidance and installation work.




Learned a few things…

I enjoy Dave Borlace’s youtube channel.
Here’s a bit from his ‘what’s it about’ section.

“The channel is not a debating forum about whether Human Induced Climate Change is a real phenomenon or not. If that’s what you’re after then I can highly recommend chat forums on Social Media, where people on both sides of the argument go round and round in circles achieving precisely nothing at all.”

He’s done a short analysis of Gibb’s and Moore’s recent “Planet of the Humans” that I think is thoughtful and I learned more than a few things.

I have long accepted the truism that human overpopulation is a big part of our planetary problems, but he effectively shifted my thinking.

You can choose to support his work on Patreon, if you find him informative. I do.


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