GCH Danzn Starz Magical Ruby Slippers

Ruby the Schipperke was born January 25, 2015. She was bred by Kathy Lytle, and Pat Boggs. They strove to breed Schipperkes who could be successful both in the conformation ring and the performance rings.

I am now exploring the possibility of breeding her. Her next season will likely occur Winter, 2019

Ruby’s dogality (in humans, we might call it personality) is extraordinarily lovely. She is humorous, playful, and she loves dogs and people. She’s a wonderful companion. Her temperament is well balanced. She’s alert, watchful and aware of her environment, as would be expected from her breed.

Pat Boggs’ Schipperkes excelled in many dog sports. However, she is best known for training Search and Rescue Schipperkes.  http://sarschips.net Ruby’s grandsire, Magic, was a Search and Rescue dog specializing in water finds. Pat also trained many of her dogs to be service dogs.

Ruby was raised as a Recallers dog.   She’s achieved titles in Rally (RN both CKC and AKC) Obedience (PCD) and Agility (ADC)

Her structure is sound. She’s 12 inches at the withers. Her front and rear assemblies work well together and she has good reach and drive. She’s very strong and athletic.

She’s done well in the show ring. With a novice owner/handler, she achieved her Canadian Championship in Fall, 2017 and gathered points towards her Grand Championship in Spring 2018, all in limited showing. She was Best of Opposite, 4 days in a row at the Northern Alberta Canine Association shows, and Select bitch at the Canadian National Specialty, June 2, 2018.

In November, 2018, she took BOB, Group One and Best in Show, at a United Kennel Club show. May 25, 2019, she was awarded our first group placement at a CKC show. https://rubizekaylah.com/2019/05/27/our-first-group-four/

Her head is lovely. Her ears are slightly oversized; the better to hear you with. Her coat  pattern is perfect.

Her health is excellent. She has been CERF tested and passed.

She has been genetically tested clear for 162 genetic diseases that Embark tests for. However, she is a carrier for Canine Retinopathy, so any male we mate her with, must have that test as well to ensure he does not carry it. She is also a carrier of the dilute gene, so by testing the male, we will avoid doubling up on that as well.

Why am I choosing to breed a litter?

I am excited by the opportunity to raise a litter, to see how much I can positively influence them in those early weeks, using current best practices spearheaded by people like Kilion of Puppy Culture.  My studies with Susan Garrett’s Say Yes courses and my independent studies of the work of animal behaviour experts including Ken Ramirez, Dr. Susan Friedman, Bob Bailey will influence how I raise these puppies.

This litter will not be docked.

If you think you would be interested in one of Ruby’s puppies from this litter, please fill out the form below. Please be aware, I will favour people who are committed to positive reinforcement based, current best practices in animal training.











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