Go to Rehab? I say YES YES YES!

Ruby is making great progress in her recovery. Within a couple of weeks, her puncture wound had healed and she was putting weight on her injured leg.

Hidden damage is still to be determined. How smoothly have the muscle tissues and tendons healed from whatever bruising and crushing she may have sustained?
Scar tissue can cause problems later on.

Doing mild exercises like this one that I learned from Susan Garrett’s Agility Nation Body Works are great. She loves looking for the treats and stepping over and around the bars helps stimulate her proprioceptive awareness.

Apologies to the amazing Amy Winehouse for adapting her song title…
I love her voice and her music.  She was a great loss.

“Agility Dog of Canada”

Ruby has achieved her Starters Standard Agility title, (aka ADC) qualifying all three of her standard runs this weekend.
Thanks to Capital Comets’ Agility Club for putting together this trial, brilliantly as usual.
Thanks also, to our fine judges, Kim Reed and Nicki Gurr.

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