Crufts. What an amazing experience. Four days watching beautiful and brilliant dogs of every variety, performing, playing or sometimes just being with their humans.

I filled every moment I could over the four days; admiring dogs in the show ring, exploring more about each breed at the wonderful “Discover Dogs” displays, watching dogs tear around agility courses, dance with their owners, sniff out contraband and take down criminals.

There were hundreds and hundreds of commercial booths, offering an unimaginable range of dog related goods and services. There were a few for cat lovers too. I succumbed to buying a few toys and a leash. Irresistible.

Crufts was vast, sprawling and deluxe. Well organized from start to finish; the show was frankly, flawless.

I highly recommend the Crufts Experience if you like dogs, even a tiny bit. There’s something for everyone, from the incredible Golden Retriever teams and Canine Good Neighbour routines, to the grand finale, Best in Show.


Ancient dinosaur 

Tracks across my boardwalk

Fan footed and fierce, 

She sinks into the soft snow.

History in the making.

Just go on

Does the waterfall hold back

her waters as they plunge downward,

Foaming and furling

into dark pools 

Deep and cold?

Does she draw herself away from the thirsty? 

Does the sun hold back 

her shine,

Spilling swift and soft through velvet space

upon the earth below?

When does she hoard her light and say you’ve had enough?

Does the earth scratch back

her black soil from the trees

And halt the churning alchemy of life,

Saying, I’ve fed you long enough?

Be like the waterfall, 

Or the sun. 

Be like the earth

And just go on,

Pouring forth and shining,

Nurturing and feeding,

Loving and giving.

Just go on. 

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