Paw target fun

Sami and I are having fun with paw targetting games, learned from Susan Garrett’s Agility Nation.

Paw targetting builds body awareness and proprioception in our dogs and is a very useful skill to train. It’s great for teaching dogs how to safely navigate contact equipment in agility.

But mostly, it’s just plain fun to train and the dogs love it.

Target everything!

I’m yours

Trust is 14 months old. I celebrate months in my puppies’ lives, perhaps because so much happens in those first two years; it’s a way of appreciating the changes and the challenges you’ve overcome.

This birthday, is especially special as it marks one year since Trust came to join us.

I took a wander through my photos and put a few together into a little movie to reflect on all the fun we’ve had so far.

I had dithered about which puppy I should take from Frany and Naish’s lovely litters, not sure about taking a male since I had another male at home. It was ‘crunch time’ so I slept on it, one last time. His name came to me, in a dream.

And so it came to be, that MysticIsle “Always Trust Your Heart” aka “Trust,” came home to me, August 1, 2021.

And I’m so grateful for that.

And the next to best thing…

about Agility Regionals, is the dog shopping experience…
I bought this awesome drying coat from
Sheltie boy needed a bath after his adventure so here he is modelling the look.
It’s got a ‘Rocky” style neck that you can use to dry off the ears and head, and then roll back.
I kind of love it.

Nifty, eh? Imported from England. Where they try to keep their retrievers dry.

The AAC Regionals 2022 Experience…

The amazing Pacific Agility team and friends, led by the intrepid JL once again pulled off an incredible Regional Agility Meet, 2022. This event marked their tenth anniversary of hosting Regionals, and everything about it was fun, friendly and fast!

I had the pleasure of volunteering for three days, first as a security person, looking oh so official in my orange vest, and then two days in the ring as Scribe assistant, watching brilliant dogs and their handlers navigate very tricky jumpers courses. I loved getting to know the rest of the ring crew and the judges; they were smart, capable, and unfailingly happy for two exciting days.

I brought my baby Sheltie boy (just one year old) along for the ride, and he learned so much. It was very exciting for him, but not overwhelming, which made me very happy.
And his momma placed fifth! Go Team Contessa Francesca del Ray!

Star dreaming

I love the late winter. I like to reflect on my past year and appreciate how much has changed for the better. Then I envision my future and build my plans for making them a reality. Bold, brave and above all else, very pleasurable.


It’s just a tad cool here on South Vancouver Island and so I dug out the door cozies to block the drafts from under the doors. They are fairly well sealed but at minus 8 C every little bit helps.
Ruby, however, found a much better use for them.

Christmas Day, 2021

The Sun scatters tiny diamonds,

Casting them wherever She turns her gaze,

Bright lightdrops glitter on the leaves of deep green salal,

Dangle and drip from branches of fir.

And with her long lit fingers, She caresses the snowy ground

where the future sleeps.

It’s a good day to be

Alive to see and feel and sense and touch

And love those that I do, with my whole heart.

Ruby, the huntress

Yesterday, Ruby and I participated in our second Scent Work trial, held by NosyDogz and Meriadoc, and judged by Sheri Luzzi.

I’m very proud to say she achieved her Advanced title, with First, (Exterior vehicles) Second (Interior) and Third (Containers) placements.

The day offered fierce winds and rain, interspersed with brief sun bathing opportunities. It kept us on our toes, thinking about how and where the scent might be moving.

I appreciated the warmth provided, not only by Lee, in the form of a heated tent, but also from the camaraderie and positive outlooks of the participants, volunteers and organizers.

Sheri’s overview of the trial’s challenges and her observations of our work was excellent, and I learned a lot from this experience.

Thank you to Sheri, the organizers and a hard working volunteer team, for a wonderful trial experience.

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