A new world


Sunlit tree bark

Pressed green cedar lace

Oyster pink blossoms, curving

around bees’ bottoms

Brown eyes soft, loosening

Once guarded secrets,

His mouth,

brimful of humour

The world is new again

And small.

I like it.

It’s Samson’s Birthday!

Me: It’s Sami’s 18 months old birthday! A whole year and a half! It’s his day to sniff and play and enjoy whatever he likes!

Husband: So many birthdays… didn’t we just celebrate 17 months a month ago?

Me: They don’t live as long as us.

Husband: Then at least seven birthdays a year are required.

Me: Thank you dear. 😉


In time,

I will conquer it all.

Just now, let me conquer your heart.

I am learning

The ways of the world,

Let me grow,


I was not!

…rolling in raccoon shit. You always think that I’ve been rolling in raccoon shit, even when I haven’t been.

Don’t trust me? IMG_4194



Susan Salo Spider and Ladder grid

Sami and I hadn’t worked with the spider (an apparatus invented by Susan Salo to help the dog build a natural, healthy jump style) nor the ladder grid for months, but he performed beautifully. He loaded his rear, stepped into the optimum take off point, sprang from two rear feet, and arced nicely over the jump.

Recallers games built in all the foundational skills of ‘it’s your choice’, sit, focus forward, release, and drive to something.

Small Things

The idea of travelling to Haida Gwaii arrived in my head unprovoked. Perhaps I was influenced by marketing that I no longer remember, who can say? It’s not something that has haunted me in the past. 

My uncle lived in Charlotte for several decades but I visited him long after he’d sold his marine engine business there and retired to the Gulf Islands.

Nevertheless, the idea took hold. I tried to shake it off several times. Getting there is expensive and time consuming. One might try to convince oneself it would be a scenic voyage along the coast… but on a ferry?

Two days before I was about to leave, my sailing was cancelled. Bad forecast.  I was quite disappointed and a tiny bit relieved. I could cancel the trip or consider flying.

I asked a friend. She emailed back one word. “Go”.

I flew.

For the first couple of days, I kept waiting for something appropriately mysterious and magical to happen. Why had I been ‘called’ to visit Haida Gwaii, anyway? 

I walked. I hiked. I drove. I ate. I slept. I explored the magnificent Haida museum in Skidegate. I took pictures.

And nothing, happened. 

It was a trip about small things. Little openings of thought. Brief encounters with people. Better sleep each night. Looser walking each day. 

Just small things.

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