Christmas Day, 2021

The Sun scatters tiny diamonds,

Casting them wherever She turns her gaze,

Bright lightdrops glitter on the leaves of deep green salal,

Dangle and drip from branches of fir.

And with her long lit fingers, She caresses the snowy ground

where the future sleeps.

It’s a good day to be

Alive to see and feel and sense and touch

And love those that I do, with my whole heart.

Let me rest my eyes

Let me rest my eyes

On something beautiful

My dog, sleeping.

A tulip green budded,

Tight lipped against the still cool morning


slipping between the trees like a

guilty teenager,

Touching crevices of bark,

Lifting them out of the shadows,


Let me fill my mind with


weathered fingers reaching out for mine,

Tendersharp sparks

that drift and fall back into the


Let me rest my soul

Upon the soft sea

lifting and rising,


My small boat

We float and gaze at

white fluttering sails

Take me back.

Let me rest my eyes,

On something beautiful.

Just press “Paws”

Seldom, if ever, do people decide to just stop whatever they are engaged in; their work, their duty, their play, their goals, their dreams, their fears, their fantasies…their conscious lives.

Seldom, does one’s life reduce itself to its most basic elements.

An opportunity exists for us now to reflect; to sense ourselves without distraction. This is the opportunity that seekers of meaning; explorers of inner and outer spaces hunger for and here it is,

Plop, in the middle of our laps.

Cancel the meditation retreat and the ayahuasca, to induce an altered state and lead you into new awareness. Here it is, free of charge.

The bardo; the space after the exhale and just before the inhale.  A long precious moment in our shared existence, where everything has hit ‘pause’.

And when “play” is pressed again, will the same Music play on?

I wonder.

A new world


Sunlit tree bark

Pressed green cedar lace

Oyster pink blossoms, curving

around bees’ bottoms

Brown eyes soft, loosening

Once guarded secrets,

His mouth,

brimful of humour

The world is new again

And small.

I like it.


In time,

I will conquer it all.

Just now, let me conquer your heart.

I am learning

The ways of the world,

Let me grow,



She lives


Moves in slow circles,

Sometimes standing

for long minutes,

in a corner.

I stroke her coarse fur.


Her head lifts

and orients towards me.


she follows my rafts

wherever I go,

Bread crumbs through the forest

She eats,

Shoving her sharp nose

into every delicacy I offer her,

She sleeps.

I’m grateful when she does.

I tell her I love her,

A thousand times

I do.

It’s no antidote

nor protection against

the lump of losspain I see in the distance,

hunkered down and waiting.

It will come.

A giant black wave,

That will crash over my head

Crush my chest

and knock me down.

Nothing can stop that.

Not hope, nor prayer

Mantra nor talisman,

Not love, nor the tasty treats I offer her. 


I’ll hurt like hell

Until one day,

the Losspain will loosen,

Relax its jaws

And let me slip free.

Free, until the next time.

No farther

Rolling along, your plans as tight as rails

Beneath the iron wheels,

A painted landscape sliding past as

Stations come and go.

People rise to leave and others climb on board

Your destination’s  closer

with every singing mile of track until

A lever’s pulled.

Harsh shrieks lift

The floor beneath your feet, it tilts.

You struggle for your balance, grabbing

Anything to hold.

Jolting to a stop

this train,

Will take you,

no farther.



The surest thing I know about time, is that I don’t know anything.

It expands, contracts and stretches wide, intra-dimensionally.

Joy makes my clocks run faster, sorrow makes them slow.

Children and dogs make time flash by.

My lost ones spin out into spaceblack infinity.

Playing in my garden, stops time in its tracks.

Contemplating my first year asparagus,

Shoots me into the future.





Clenched, hunched,
Jaws clamped tight,
Brow, twisted with bitter intent
Summon bits of strength against
The rolling flow

A treacly wave that threatens to
sweep you over that edge.
Not so far away,
You can see it, just there.

You struggle to stay strong,
Planting your feet, quivering
Exhausted thighs braced against
a wave filled with broken furniture,
Cars and homes and people,
Crashing past.

The horizon disappears,
That great divide between
what is and what is not,

Breathe faster, work harder
Suffocating more, there’s
always more and more.

The tide lifts you skyward,
picks you up and sets you down,
To where you can’t remember.

On the beach, exhausted.
Gritty sand beneath your cheek
Your skin thin and wrinkled
Breathing short and shallow
And still you fight
to push it back, 
as it laps your toes.

Let time be your steed,
A milk white mare
Get on, hold tight and ride. 

Her muscles bunch and stretch
Her forelegs reach and paw the miles
Hindquarters sink, deep into the earth

Your body floats,
your arms reach out, to
bury your face in her rough mane
and ride.

Your calves grip her sides and your feet try to meet
She leaps forward, you nearly slide off
Her silken rump,

She slows and you find your balance once again
And ride.

Her fine head tosses, eyes rolled back
She’s coursing ahead,
You laugh
And let your heart leap forward with her.     

Time is a steed,
A milk white mare,
Hold on tight
And ride.


Ancient dinosaur 

Tracks across my boardwalk

Fan footed and fierce, 

She sinks into the soft snow.

History in the making.

Just go on

Does the waterfall hold back

her waters as they plunge downward,

Foaming and furling

into dark pools 

Deep and cold?

Does she draw herself away from the thirsty? 

Does the sun hold back 

her shine,

Spilling swift and soft through velvet space

upon the earth below?

When does she hoard her light and say you’ve had enough?

Does the earth scratch back

her black soil from the trees

And halt the churning alchemy of life,

Saying, I’ve fed you long enough?

Be like the waterfall, 

Or the sun. 

Be like the earth

And just go on,

Pouring forth and shining,

Nurturing and feeding,

Loving and giving.

Just go on. 

November light

Quickly, grab the camera, squeeze your mud boots on sockless.

The sun dazzles in a blue patch the clouds have overlooked.

I run to where the grass glistens and she follows,

Trotting behind me,

Then she turns and sits, waiting like a Dame.

Her moment in the sun.


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