The missing piece…

“In Ireland, a Climate Emergency Measures Bill, which has already passed the first stage reading will be debated this month seeks, to ban any new explorations for oil, coal, and gas on Irish territory. It’s something that we need here, too, just for starters.

People are ready for this. Recent polling shows that
75% of Australians consider climate change a “global catastrophic risk”.
And 81% supported strong action even if it requires making considerable changes that impact on our current living standards.
Another survey in the US, UK, Canada and Australia found that 54% rated the risk of our way of life ending within the next 100 years at 50% or greater, and a quarter rated the risk of humans being wiped out at 50/50 or greater.
So it’s not that people don’t get it, emotionally and existentially. They do.

What is missing is brave leadership which is prepared to say that winning slowly is now the same as losing.” David Spratt

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