Travel’n Girl

Ruby and I are planning to attend the Schipperke Club of Canada’s Annual Specialty show, in Edmonton this June. I bought a very pretty red bag that is willing to be crammed under an airline seat, so that Ruby can ride in the cabin.

She’s very well crate trained, (Love Susan Garrett’s Crate Games) but this bag is so short, it’s a bit of a challenge convincing Ruby to ‘love’ her bag.

Here’s a little video of me trying to build up the value for her.

The Price

The closer we get,
The deeper we love,
The longer we travel

The greater the pain,
The deeper the loss,
The day we must travel

The power of Feldenkrais…

I first learned of Feldenkrais from Alexandra Kurland, a remarkable trainer of people and horses. She talked about Moshe Feldenkrais’ personal life, education and his quite incredible work. She demonstrated how she applies his principles when teaching horses how to move their bodies more comfortably when under saddle.

I went home and immediately looked up Feldenkrais practitioners in Victoria, quite randomly picking out Brian Lynn’s name from the list.

In September, 2015 I attended my first class. I was fascinated with Brian’s energetic delivery and passion while leading the class through movements that I found myself utterly unable to process, never mind execute. I laughed with amazement at my own body blindness, having always believed I had excellent coordination and body awareness. For weeks, I just let Brian’s instructions flow over and around me like a creek over a stream bed.

I booked a private session (Functional Integration) with Brian, hoping it would ‘speed up’ the process a bit. After the very first session, I noticed positive changes. I noticed my arms were less constricted, falling away from my shoulders with less muscular tension and without conscious effort. That powerful sensation of relaxation in one area of my body motivated me further. I took two more private sessions and then continued with the weekly classes.

Even though I didn’t always feel results immediately after a class, I would try to recapture the feelings of the previous class during the days that followed. I would notice my body falling back into old habits and then springing itself back into the new sensations. Over the weeks and months that have followed, my posture and movements steadily became more comfortable, natural and pain-free.

I practiced kung fu for about 20 years, but had given it up because of severe pain in my right hip and leg. I’ve also applied Cognitive Behaviour Therapy strategies and dabbled in meditation over the years. These practices have strengthened my health and well being.

Nothing has produced as rapid, permanent and positive effect on my body and mind as Brian Lynn’s Feldenkrais classes and FI sessions. Long standing emotional and physical issues (trauma based) have literally melted away.

Feldenkrais is a self-education process and it only works, if you do. The insights and teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais are profound.  And while Brian is a brilliant Feldenkrais practitioner and a compassionate, dedicated, and respectful guide, our ultimate teachers are always within ourselves.

In praise of independent testing: Consumer Lab

We can be easily drawn in and convinced of products that seem to offer us the hope of cure or improvements for both ourselves and our dogs. Especially if an illness is chronic and longstanding, people become desperate and very vulnerable to marketing claims and personal anecdotes.

Consumer Lab puts my feet on solid ground. They are a fee-based, independent lab that tests products. Fee-based and independent. These are confidence building key words. After the hundredth time I’d asked my veterinarian if a particular new product would help my dog, my rehab vet rolled her eyes and sent me off to Consumer Lab for the answers. For a modest annual fee, you’ll find independent research that debunks hype. You can find them here.

Devil in the Morning

She stirs and wakes.
Steps unsteadily up my prone body,
calves to neck, on
stiletto paws that press dents
into my protesting flesh.
“Wake up!”
Her muzzle burrows deep into
my eye sockets,
I squeeze my eyelids tight; it’s
futile, hiding.
Still, I twist my head away and
pull the covers over.
“Get up!”
I roll her off my chest
as I do every morning,
She knows the complicated steps,
dodges away and shouts,
Nose drives in,
snuffling through the blankets
for skin, she
furiously starts to lick,
raising the dead, or bringing life
as if I were her puppy.
My hand pushes, blind helpless
against her but she flops, unresisting.
I ruffle her fur, circle the edges of a
soft tumour on her belly
she’s lived with for years
defying dire prognoses.
I pray she’ll let me sleep;
I know she won’t.
For years
she’s practiced this dance,
and patiently taught me the steps
She snorts and roots again through the quilt.
Giving up, I throw it off,
my feet find the floor
to where she already stands,
grinning, gap toothed,
paddling from side to side,
her mutilated butt, wriggling,
her fogged up eyes, sparkling
she smiles,
“Good morning!”

OK, sit.

Finding a few treats in my pocket at the end of a training session makes me feel like when you are leaving a foreign country,

and you still have a few coins in your pocket, so you have to spend them at the airport or they will linger forever in your sock drawer.

Oh, Seth

Meyers is one of my heroes. Here’s a little explanation of Bitcoin he’s offered up. I know it’ll make one or two things very clear.

Whew! Made it!

Mazeru’s Kenya a.k.a. Kaylah the Magnificent meets her fifteenth year today. She woke up saucy, relished her breakfast, and after taking a brisk walk around the block in the January mist, is now comfortably snoozing on the couch.

Thanks for sharing your life with me, Miss Kaylah. I love you. Schipperke, T. Rolf-002

Photo from August 2009, original taken by Jerry Shulman, photographer Duncan B.C.

Fine without me

Ruby 2

I play with my dogs. A lot. But over last few days I was befriended by a virus, and slept a lot.

My dogs slept too. In the absence of all the usual cues I give them that another game is afoot, they just…

Slept, stretched, ate, pooped, slept, played without me, slept.
Occasionally barked.

Day one…without you.

Facebook, that is. Not my dear blog followers.
So, I deleted my account.
Did I feel a little, well, lost?
For a moment this morning, as I grabbed my tea and sat down at the computer, my hand paralyzed on the mouse, my eyes wandering over my favourites, I did miss it.
For a moment. LOL
Then I realized, hey, I have choices! I stood up, grabbed my tea, sat down at the kitchen table, and read the local newspaper.

Best day ever.

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