Back into the Ring

Preparing my little Schipperke to go back into the show ring as a special, late February 2018.  That’s about a year and a quarter after her CKC Championship. During that time, she’s matured very beautifully.  I’m going to be very proud to be at the other end of her leash.

Here’s a picture of her from October of 2016.  A lanky teenager.

Facebook, it’s not me, it’s you.

I can resist chrome gadgets and chocolate brownies and cheezies (unless they’re Hawkins) but ideas are pretty irresistible. Facebook offers so many shiny things; brain research, genetics, culture, animal behaviour, politics, dog training things that crook their little fingers enticing me closer. Follow and share and read and think and before you know it, it’s lunch time. 

So, I’ve decided to move my thinking and writing here for a while, and see where that takes me.

For those who might like to hang out with me sometimes, welcome. I promise there will be plenty of Ruby news, if you’re a fan.

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