A picture of health

Ruby’s health is excellent. She has been CERF tested (eye exam) and passed. Her hips and elbows are good and thyroid is normal, tested in November 2019. You can find the OFA results here.

She is 12 inches at the withers. She’s well balanced and strong with good reach and drive.

She has been genetically tested clear for 162 genetic diseases that Embark tests for. She is a carrier for Canine Retinopathy,  She is also a carrier of the dilute gene, a recessive gene that dilutes the dominant black colour to a grey. While you will find ‘blue’ Schipperkes advertised on the internet as exotic and desirable, this is not true. The dilute gene is often associated with other diseases, including alopecia. Since she is a carrier of these variants, (not affected)  I ensured that prospective males did not carry these variants.

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