Healing Hands


I took Ruby to Coastal Canine BC http://www.coastalcaninebc.ca/our-team/ for a canine massage with Carolyn Kutchyera.

It was fascinating to watch the interplay between Carolyn and Ruby, as she worked on her. It’s been about five weeks since the dog attack and although she is moving with no obvious issues, I have been reluctant to allow her to jump in agility. Carolyn pointed out  how Ruby is moving the injured leg with a bit of an outward swing as she brings it forward and with a little hitch (a slight lifting of the foot rather than skimming it along the ground).
I am now more confident about working her on cavalettis and low jump grids to balance the two legs and strengthen the right rear, which has atrophied a bit. 
Ruby is entered in an upcoming NADAC trial, tunnels and hoops only. I will run pieces of the course FEO and use a toy, to assess how she copes in a trial environment, with lots of other dogs and barking. 
Thanks to Carolyn’s expert hands, I have confidence that Ruby is healing well.  

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