Once, I caught a Schipperke
She leapt up from the grass
To where I rested in the sun,
Warm on a granite boulder.

She leapt into my arms,
quite by accident, of course.
No Schipperke would ever
let herself be caught on purpose.

I closed my arms around her,
my heart climbed up my throat.
I knew those little black dogs
were the Faery’s favoured form
And if you catch a Schipperke
They’re forced to grant your wish,
So I whispered in her furry ear
My selfish deep desire,

That we might stay together now, forever.

Ruby @ Schipperke Nationals 2018

Ruby and I travelled from Victoria BC to Edmonton, AB, to participate in the 2018 Schipperke Nationals; part of the Northern Alberta Canine Association’s series of shows.

She was a pleasure to travel with and a lovely ambassador for the breed, charming everyone she met.

On Friday, June 1st, she was selected Best of Opposite, under Judge David M. Kelland. I was very pleased and would have gone home happy with that. To my delight, she was also awarded Best of Opposite on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, by Judges Raymond V. Filburn, Mr. Ole Neilsen, and Sharon Newcomb.

At the Specialty show, she was Select Female as chosen by Mr. Keith Brown of New Zealand.

I saw lots of beautiful Schipperkes and met new friends. A perfect trip.




Travel readiness…

Ruby and I will be flying to Edmonton to attend our first Canadian National Schipperke Specialty in June. She’ll ride in the airplane cabin in this little bag, squeezed under the seat in front of mine.
I have played lots of crate games with her already to build value for staying in the small space.
Today, I took her to the airport for a little rehearsal. 🙂
After that, we headed to the beach for a little fun run.



“Agility Dog of Canada”

Ruby has achieved her Starters Standard Agility title, (aka ADC) qualifying all three of her standard runs this weekend.
Thanks to Capital Comets’ Agility Club for putting together this trial, brilliantly as usual.
Thanks also, to our fine judges, Kim Reed and Nicki Gurr.

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