And the next to best thing…

about Agility Regionals, is the dog shopping experience…
I bought this awesome drying coat from
Sheltie boy needed a bath after his adventure so here he is modelling the look.
It’s got a ‘Rocky” style neck that you can use to dry off the ears and head, and then roll back.
I kind of love it.

Nifty, eh? Imported from England. Where they try to keep their retrievers dry.

The AAC Regionals 2022 Experience…

The amazing Pacific Agility team and friends, led by the intrepid JL once again pulled off an incredible Regional Agility Meet, 2022. This event marked their tenth anniversary of hosting Regionals, and everything about it was fun, friendly and fast!

I had the pleasure of volunteering for three days, first as a security person, looking oh so official in my orange vest, and then two days in the ring as Scribe assistant, watching brilliant dogs and their handlers navigate very tricky jumpers courses. I loved getting to know the rest of the ring crew and the judges; they were smart, capable, and unfailingly happy for two exciting days.

I brought my baby Sheltie boy (just one year old) along for the ride, and he learned so much. It was very exciting for him, but not overwhelming, which made me very happy.
And his momma placed fifth! Go Team Contessa Francesca del Ray!

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