Repurposing stuff

Today, I dismantled a single bed box spring with a pair of scissors and some needle nose pliers. It’s a fairly old box spring with Ruby chew marks at all corners.

Its next stop would be the landfill, so before that happened, I considered how I might repurpose it.

Box springs look quite luxurious in the store and they are pricey. It’s interesting to take one apart in about 15 minutes, revealing its less luxurious staples, cardboard, plastic, foam and polyester.


After stripping off the foam backed fabric, pulling out the staples, removing the large rectangle of cardboard, I was left with a fairly solid frame; screwed together, not stapled.

My plan is to bisect it and put wooden tops of each half to make two dog training platforms. I may decide to put some feet or wheels to elevate it from the ground and make them easier to move around outside.

image1Repurposing makes me feel happy.

Today, I am grateful for my husband who helps make my creative ideas a reality.

November light

Quickly, grab the camera, squeeze your mud boots on sockless.

The sun dazzles in a blue patch the clouds have overlooked.

I run to where the grass glistens and she follows,

Trotting behind me,

Then she turns and sits, waiting like a Dame.

Her moment in the sun.


(Samson) Blk Diamond “Larger than Life”

Samson will be 6 months old, December 15th, 2018.

Digital media makes it so easy to look back and see his growth over time and reflect on how much work a puppy is… but how very worth the effort.  Thank you to Brenda Nilio and Virginia Larioza, for breeding a great puppy. Thank you also to Susan Garrett and all the Say Yes Community for teaching me to be a good trainer.

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