What are trees for?

What are trees for?

They lift your gaze up from the ground, and draw it to the skies

Your soul will follow, grateful.

Their roots are deep, they will not move

They bear our biting axes and fall before our saws.

If we leave them standing, they will shape a bridge,

From earth to what’s beyond,

From what, to who we are.

They’ll catch the light and hold it tight

So we can gaze upon it,

They’ll dance for us,

With wind they’ll bend

and swing to ceaseless music.

And if we’re tired, they’ve sprinkled piney needles on the ground

A curving shallow scented nest where we can rest and breathe.

Climb up!

Embrace the trees that root and stand and sing and dance before you.

They’ll share their treasures with you, take you far beyond your dreams.

Terrie Rolph

Samson update

The Boy King is 16 weeks old today.

He marked this milestone by digging holes, terrorizing his sister Ruby, climbing on, under and through stuff and getting wet and dirty.

In the rain.

Over and over.

Note: Music courtesy of Kevin McLeod: Incompetech music. Creative Commons licence.

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