The sun draws her fingers
Across the clipped lawn,
In a farewell caress.

The breeze tousles the trees,
A dragonfly holds tight.

She knows

Sometimes I wonder if she’s trying to tell me something.

Something I’m not keen to know
I pay attention to her anyway
She wobbles
More than I like.
Then leaps across two couches like
a puppy.
The grey mask spills across her muzzle,
And dribbles across her chest.
She’s thin.
But eats like a lion.
Her morning fierceness
Barks and bites me out
of my warm bed
She’s not trying to tell me that
She hasn’t much time left,
I know that.
She’s not trying to remind me,
To cherish our moments,
I do that.
I love her and she owns me,
I hope she knows that.

Ruby with Canon 60D

I’m learning a different camera and lens. Canon 60D and 50 mm fixed focus lens. First 50 shots or so…it was whoa, where’d all that light come from! I was overexposing like crazy. I got a bit better. This was taken in shade in manual mode.

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