The power of Feldenkrais…

I first learned of Feldenkrais from Alexandra Kurland, a remarkable trainer of people and horses. She talked about Moshe Feldenkrais’ personal life, education and his quite incredible work. She demonstrated how she applies his principles when teaching horses how to move their bodies more comfortably when under saddle.

I went home and immediately looked up Feldenkrais practitioners in Victoria, quite randomly picking out Brian Lynn’s name from the list.

In September, 2015 I attended my first class. I was fascinated with Brian’s energetic delivery and passion while leading the class through movements that I found myself utterly unable to process, never mind execute. I laughed with amazement at my own body blindness, having always believed I had excellent coordination and body awareness. For weeks, I just let Brian’s instructions flow over and around me like a creek over a stream bed.

I booked a private session (Functional Integration) with Brian, hoping it would ‘speed up’ the process a bit. After the very first session, I noticed positive changes. I noticed my arms were less constricted, falling away from my shoulders with less muscular tension and without conscious effort. That powerful sensation of relaxation in one area of my body motivated me further. I took two more private sessions and then continued with the weekly classes.

Even though I didn’t always feel results immediately after a class, I would try to recapture the feelings of the previous class during the days that followed. I would notice my body falling back into old habits and then springing itself back into the new sensations. Over the weeks and months that have followed, my posture and movements steadily became more comfortable, natural and pain-free.

I practiced kung fu for about 20 years, but had given it up because of severe pain in my right hip and leg. I’ve also applied Cognitive Behaviour Therapy strategies and dabbled in meditation over the years. These practices have strengthened my health and well being.

Nothing has produced as rapid, permanent and positive effect on my body and mind as Brian Lynn’s Feldenkrais classes and FI sessions. Long standing emotional and physical issues (trauma based) have literally melted away.

Feldenkrais is a self-education process and it only works, if you do. The insights and teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais are profound.  And while Brian is a brilliant Feldenkrais practitioner and a compassionate, dedicated, and respectful guide, our ultimate teachers are always within ourselves.

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