OK, sit.

Finding a few treats in my pocket at the end of a training session makes me feel like when you are leaving a foreign country,

and you still have a few coins in your pocket, so you have to spend them at the airport or they will linger forever in your sock drawer.

Oh, Seth

Meyers is one of my heroes. Here’s a little explanation of Bitcoin he’s offered up. I know it’ll make one or two things very clear.

Whew! Made it!

Mazeru’s Kenya a.k.a. Kaylah the Magnificent meets her fifteenth year today. She woke up saucy, relished her breakfast, and after taking a brisk walk around the block in the January mist, is now comfortably snoozing on the couch.

Thanks for sharing your life with me, Miss Kaylah. I love you. Schipperke, T. Rolf-002

Photo from August 2009, original taken by Jerry Shulman, photographer Duncan B.C.

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