Fine without me

Ruby 2

I play with my dogs. A lot. But over last few days I was befriended by a virus, and slept a lot.

My dogs slept too. In the absence of all the usual cues I give them that another game is afoot, they just…

Slept, stretched, ate, pooped, slept, played without me, slept.
Occasionally barked.

Day one…without you.

Facebook, that is. Not my dear blog followers.
So, I deleted my account.
Did I feel a little, well, lost?
For a moment this morning, as I grabbed my tea and sat down at the computer, my hand paralyzed on the mouse, my eyes wandering over my favourites, I did miss it.
For a moment. LOL
Then I realized, hey, I have choices! I stood up, grabbed my tea, sat down at the kitchen table, and read the local newspaper.

Best day ever.

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